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Presenting a Workshop

Ready for Your Workshop?

Please review the steps needed to apply for and receive RID CEU credit for learning activities. Requests submitted without all information will be considered incomplete and may not be processed. It is the organizer’s responsibility to see that all steps are completed from the initial application to the submission of the evaluations and attendance after the activity has been completed. To expedite processing please submit forms in a Word Document, not in a .pdf, Pages, or Zip file.

All Forms and documents must be completed and submitted at least 45 days in advance of the date of the event to get a presentation approved for RID CEUs.  Submit to the CMP Sponsor at

  • The Instructor Form
  • The Sponsor Form
  • Presenter bio - Presenters should be qualified with credentials, training and experience in the subject matter to be presented.
  • a copy of all advertisements/flyers
  • copies of any Presentation Materials such as a PowerPoint slideshow
  • Copy of Evaluation to be used or request for an evaluation form
  • Copy of the Certificate of Attendance to be used or a request for a certificate of attendance

All promotional materials must include:

  1. The RID CMP and ACET logo. Copies of the logos are linked below and may be reduced or enlarged to fit the design of the promotional materials.
  2. The following paragraph: "[RID Sponsor] is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for continuing education activities. This [Content Area] program is offered for [#] CEUs at the [Knowledge Level] Content Knowledge Level."
  3. Information on the educational objectives of the activity. This information may take a variety of formats and depth of detail. 
  4. Information on the refund and cancellation policy of the Sponsor. It is acceptable to print a link or Internet address identifying contact information, applicable registration policies, and all other registration information rather than the entire policy. **
  5. The target audience, as described in the Continuing Education Activity Plan.
  6. A statement soliciting requests for reasonable accommodations from potential participants.
  7. A statement identifying the policies on non-discrimination and promoting an environment mutual respect and free from bias.

New CMP Fee Structure:

ASL Version of the below instructions:

ICRID is adopting a new fee schedule for sponsoring activities.

This schedule takes effect for all activities applied for approval after

October 1st, 2022. Individual members will continue to enjoy free PINRA and Academic Coursework Sponsorship.

For an activity to qualify for the Membership rate, the ICRID member must be the individual to fill out the paperwork and be the contact listed for paperwork follow-up.

Stakeholder organizations interested in being waived from the sponsorship fees may draft a proposal MOU for the ICRID board to consider.

Fees collected for CMP Sponsorship are due before the activity occurs and are not refundable.

The CMP Sponsor will provide you with:
  • The activity number for the workshop
  • The Workshop ID code
  • An Attendance form
  • A blank certificate (upon request)
  • A blank evaluation form (upon request)

After Your Workshop


The following items must be emailed to the CMP sponsor within 30 days after the workshop to be kept on file for RID. Participant credit will not be submitted to RID until the following materials are provided to the CMP Sponsor:  

  • Copies of handouts or an agenda from the workshop
  • Copy of a blank certificate and blank evaluation form (if using forms not provided by RID)
  • A summary of the evaluation responses - average score on each item and summary of comments

If the presenter/host creates their own certificate, it must meet the following guidelines:

  • CMP and ACET logos
  • Activity Number
  • Full title of event as filed online
  • Date of activity
  • Presenter
  • Sponsor Name

Commonly Used Files:


Instructor Form

Sponsor Form

Workshop Flier Template

Certificate of Attendance Template

Evaluation Form




Please return all forms in a Word Document Format.

Any questions can be directed to the CMP Sponsor by emailing

If you have any questions about CEUs or CEU processing please consult RID’s Standards and Criteria for Approved Sponsors here:

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