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Academic Coursework

CEUs may be awarded for coursework for college credit taken at an accredited institution during the participant’s current CMP cycle.
This accreditation must be recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Please visit to obtain this information
Successful completion is defined as receiving a minimum letter grade of “C” (2.0) or above. If a course is being audited or taken through the continuing education office of the institution, an RID Approved Sponsor should be contacted to complete a Participant Initiated Non-RID Activity Plan (PINRA).
The benefit of the Academic Coursework Option is that it can be done retro-actively, as long as it is done and completed within that cycle. 

Steps to Completing Academic Coursework:

1) Choose the course you want to attend at an accredited college or university. The class does not have to pertain strictly to interpreting. It can be a course in Linguistics, Business, Psychology, Social Work, etc. as long as the course is educationally beneficial for you as an interpreter, it can earn CEUs for you!

2) Fill out the Academic Coursework Activity Report Form. 

3) Contact the ICRID CMP Chair ( Be sure to discuss the content area for which you are applying (General Studies vs Professional Studies) and how many CEUs will be earned. The standard formula for determining CEUs is as follows:
1.5 CEUs per credit hour for a course taken in a semester session
1.0 CEUs per credit hour for a course taken in a quarter session

4) Email required documentation such as a course outline and proof of accreditation through CHEA.

5) Complete the course. As long as the course is taken during your current CMP cycle, paperwork may be filed anytime during that current cycle.

6) Submit a copy of your transcript. You must earn a grade of a C or better to receive CEUs.

*Please note that although CEUs can be earned if the coursework is completed during your CMP cycle, all paperwork must be submitted to an RID approved sponsor before the completion of your CMP cycle.

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