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Marvin Marshall Scholarship

General Description

ICRID recognizes its responsibility to the interpreting profession and to its members by supporting interpreters within the state of Indiana to become nationally certified. ICRID is pleased to sponsor the ongoing funding of the Marvin Marshall scholarship.

The Marvin Marshall Scholarship is named in honor of a great friend, organization member, and contributor of the Indiana Chapter of Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (ICRID). Mr. Marvin Marshall, formerly a resident of Carmel Indiana, has contributed countless hours of volunteer service to help establish ICRID as the primary state organization for working interpreters, students of American Sign Language and interpreter training programs, Deaf consumers and friends of the interpreting profession in Indiana.

Mr. Marshall has been honored nationally for his contributions to ICRID and the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). He was always a key figure to the success of ICRID, and it is for this reason the Marvin Marshall Scholarship was established in his honor. This scholarship will finance the RID registration fees incurred by candidates for national certification.

The Marvin Marshall Scholarship will be granted in the form of a voucher, to be presented during the ICRID annual conference, for use during a one year period following the date of the voucher. Candidates who have been granted a voucher will be reimbursed for costs incurred from taking the NIC Performance or EIPA Performance test by the ICRID treasurer. Reimbursement will be sent upon receipt of proof of registration, proof of payment for the appropriate performance test(s), and proof of taking the appropriate test(s). The candidate does not have to pass the performance test(s) to receive financial reimbursement from ICRID. A candidate not passing the performance test(s) may reapply for future consideration. This is no guarantee he/she will be granted any additional scholarship monies.

Eligibility requirements

  • Candidate must live within the state of Indiana

  • Candidate must have maintained active dual membership in ICRID and RID for a minimum of one year

  • A letter of intent submitted explaining the reason he/she should receive the scholarship with emphasis on education, interpreting experience, and involvement in RID, ICRID, and the Deaf community. The letter must also identify the test(s) for which the candidate is applying

  • A  letter of recommendation submitted by a nationally certified interpreter

  • A  letter of recommendation submitted by a Deaf consumer

Complete applications must be received by the Scholarship Coordinator via email ( or US Postal Service.

Two scholarships will be awarded annually to applicants who have satisfied all eligibility requirements. The Scholarship Committee will review all submitted applications twice a year; April 1 and October 1.

Scholarship Recipients

  • 2015- Emily Bartelt
  • 2014- Julie Magruder and Bethany Jamison
  • 2013- Mary Ann Spolnik and Hannah Baker
  • 2012-Megan Butler
  • 2011-No recipient
  • 2010- Sandy Slabaugh and Rebecca Black
  • 2009-No recipient
  • 2008-No recipient
  • 2006- Sheila Yoder
  • 2005- Tracey Stack
  • 2004 Sunny Pfifferling and Rebecca Buchan
  • 2003 Sunny Pfifferling
  • 2002- Carrie Westhoelter and Dave Calvert

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