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Ivy Tech now hiring for one full-time Assistant Director/Interpreter Coordinator and multiple part-time staff interpreters

Ivy Tech is looking for one full-time Assistant Director/Interpreter Cooridinator and multiple part time staff interpreters to meet the needs of its student population. A weekly schedule is established each semester, which will require flexibility to support student schedules, including the opportunities to work weekdays Monday through Friday within the hours of 8am to 10pm and occasionally on the weekends. These positions are critical in providing interpreting services for signed and spoken discourse in classrooms, meetings, interviews, and other on campus events. Interpreters must possess fluent American Sign Language and spoken English language skills, accurate interpreting skills, and thorough knowledge of and adherence to the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct.

The successful part-time candidates will be included in a pool of in-house full- and part-time interpreters. When the new hire process is completed, assignment s for part-time staff will be sent that may be accepted or declined depending on availability. There are no minimum requirements for hours worked to maintain the status of part-time interpreter. The full time candidate will be expected to work Monday through Fridays from 8:00am-5:00pm, or a flex schedule if working night classes.

To apply for part-time: Click Here

To learn more about the Full-Time Assistant Director/Interpreter Coordinator's "Major Responsibilities," "Education and Experience," other necessary hiring criteria and to apply: Click Here

Part-Time Staff Interpreter's Major Responsibilities:

  • Provide interpreting services to Ivy Tech students, faculty, staff and visitors.

  • Engage in preparation and effective customer relations

  • Interpret signed and spoken discourse in classroom and non-academic assignments, with clients who use a wide variety of language modalities. (An interpreting/transliterating skills assessment may be part of the interview process.)

  • Assess language needs of all clientele and adjust interpreting to ensure accurate and effective communication

  • Meet with interpreter coordinator, preview available materials, and research additional resources to prepare for assignments; confirm all assignments with interpreter coordinator

  • Maintain accurate timesheets in Ivy Tech’s time reporting system

  • Communicate in a professional manner in all settings

  • Complete Ivy Lead Trainings in a timely manner

  • This is not to be construed as an exhaustive list. Other duties logically associated with this position may be assigned. All responsibilities will be conducted within the parameters of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), other applicable regulatory requirements, and professional standards.

Part-Time Staff Interpreter's Education and Experience: 

Requirements include but are not limited to:

  • An Associates, Bachelors or Masters level degree OR 3 years of Professional Interpreting Experience

  • Proficiency in American Sign Language and English

  • Nationally and State certified or working towards certification

  • Must demonstrate the ability to promote an inclusive environment that reflects the broad diversity and backgrounds represented by our students and employees and which every individual feels respected and valued.

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