National Interpreter Certificate (NIC)

Holders of this certification have demonstrated general knowledge in the field of interpreting, ethical decision making and interpreting skills. Candidates earn NIC Certification if they demonstrate professional knowledge and skills that meet or exceed the minimum professional standards necessary to perform in a broad range of interpretation and transliteration assignments. This credential has been available since  2005.

The NIC certification process begins with a multiple-choice NIC Knowledge Exam. Candidates are eligible for the NIC Knowledge Exam if they are at least 18 years old. Candidates who have passed the knowledge exam within 5 years and meet RID’s educational requirement may then take the NIC Interview and Performance Exam. The NIC Interview and Performance Exam is a vignette-based assessment using video to deliver and record the assessment.

NIC Certification Process

June 23, 2016, RID established the Center for the Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation, LLC (CASLI) to take over the administration and ongoing development and maintenance of exams. Eligibility requirements and the credentialing of any and all individuals will remain the responsibility of RID. With this shift in responsibilities candidates will need to contact both RID and CASLI during different times in the certification process. For more information view our CASLI FAQ page.

  • Review all pertinent NIC webpages on the CASLI website

  • Apply for the NIC Knowledge Exam

  • Pass the NIC Knowledge Exam

  • Submit proof of meeting the educational requirement to RID

  • Apply for the NIC Interview and Performance Exam

  • Pass the NIC Interview and Performance Exam

NIC Interview and Performance Exam Educational Requirement

NIC exam candidates wishing to test must have a minimum of a bachelor degree (any major) or an approved updated/2012 Alternative Pathway to Eligibility application recorded in their RID/CASLI Account before testing for any RID performance-based exam. This applies to ALL NIC exam candidates, including those who already hold RID certification.

For more information, go to the RID website.

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