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Workshop Descriptions

My Imposter and Me: Imposter Phenomenon in Interpreters

Approximately 70% of people suffer imposter syndrome at one time or another. Many interpreters suffer from a lack of confidence. They avoid conflict, struggle with work-life balance, and don’t trust their own abilities. This workshop will introduce these challenges and offer tools for bringing life into balance, protecting interpreters from work-related trauma, and approaching their work with greater joy. Imposter Phenomenon will be explained, and general strategies for overcoming IP will be discussed. 


  1. Define Imposter Syndrome/Phenomenon and explain the negative impact on interpreting work.

  2. Understand risk factors and preventative measures.

  3. Explain basic exercises that can support interpreters in their work

Beyond Compassion Fatigue: Five Interpreter Traumas and How to Prevent them Parts 1 & 2

Participants must attend both parts to receive CEU credit. Many types of trauma impact interpreters who witness oppression, disrespect, or conflicts.  


  1. You will be able to list 5 types of trauma, 

  2. Match warning signs to each type of trauma, and 

  3. List 5 ways trauma leads to burn-out.

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