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Lester Stanfill Award

General Description:

The Lester Stanfill Award is presented to an ICRID member who has unselfishly dedicated his/her talents, energy, and self to the field of interpreting. This individual has made a significant contribution to ICRID throughout the years and continues to support the organization. This individual is recognized as a leader in the interpreting community. This award is the most prestigious award offered by ICRID.

Nomination forms will be presented through the ICRID newsletter. The ICRID board will select the winner by unanimous vote. The nominee must receive total board approval. In case of tie, the ICRID President will select the award winner. The award will be presented at the ICRID annual conference (when applicable).

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Any ICRID member may nominate another ICRID member for this award.

  • The nominee must be a member in good standing with both ICRID and RID.

  • Nomination forms must be submitted to the ICRID Board six (6) weeks prior to the

ICRID annual conference for consideration.

If you know of a deserving recipient, please fill out the nomination form below:

Lester Stanfill Award Nomination Form

Award Recipients:

Marvin Marshall

Judith Carson

Jerry Bass

2001- Myron Yoder

2003- Bob Canty

2008- Evelyn Thompson (posthumously)

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