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Unmentionables in Education: How to Handle the Sticky Situations
Presented by Judy Cain and Carrie Moore

Have you ever been faced with a sticky ethical situation on the job and weren’t sure how to handle it? When do you follow the laws? When do you follow school policies? When do you follow RID Code of Professional Conduct? Educational interpreters often work on improving their skills in interpreting specifically, but rarely talk about those topics that no one wants to talk about. This workshop will address those topics and how to get a positive result. (0.6 CEUs PS)

How are we doing in providing mental health services, and mental health interpreting services for the Deaf in Indiana? 
Presented by Charleen K Sculley and Marla Berggoetz

During this workshop we will discuss the data on Deaf/Hard of Hearing mental illness in comparison with hearing mental illness and how there is a great need for Counselors, Psychologists, and Interpreters to serve the Deaf population. The Deaf/Hard of Hearing populations are “untapped” and do not have access to appropriate services. Often, the services received are inadequate. During this presentation, we will approach our discussion using “case studies” that will demonstrate symptoms, different diagnosis, treatment options and how those things can guide choices made during the interpreting process. We will discuss scenarios and strategies for interpreting in a diverse linguistic community and talk about how specific mental health conditions can affect the language and communication style for D/deaf, hard-of-hearing people. Different modes of communication will be discussed: ASL, English, MLS, and oral. A portion of the day will be devoted to the discussion of “dysfluency,” its effect on language, how to recognize it, and options for interpreting when dysfluency is present. Our goal is to provide a framework for thought and discussion that will help interpreters do their best work while maintaining integrity with themselves and the process of interpreting when in a mental health setting. (0.6 CEUs PS)

Upgrade Your Toolbox: Applied Trauma-Informed Interpreting
Presented by Amber Hodson and Holly Elkins 

This workshop will review basic concepts of Domestic and Sexual Violence including power and control, trauma, and the ways DVSV is experienced within the Deaf Community. Then we will focus on interpreting DVSV content in various setting including language use, vicarious trauma, and self-care. Content will be grounded from the perspective of both interpreter and advocates roles and will include discussion of interpretation skills and decision-making. This training will be provided considering a variety of learning styles, giving participants the opportunity to incorporate information through mini-lecture, PowerPoint visuals, group discussion, activities, and individual analysis. (0.6 CEUs)

Yoga and Meditation for ASL Interpreters
Presented by Jean Arnold 

Yoga is an ancient science of well-being that leads, through the practices of the “8-Fold Path,” practitioners to gather in knowledge of self-healing and care. Through the exploration of seated and some standing Yoga Asanas (postures). Stretches and exercises specifically designed to tone and relax wrists, shoulders, neck, and arms. Participants will learn how to care for their working bodies before and after their assignments. In addition, we will learn breathing exercises (Pranayuama) that will show participants how to use breathing to release tension and anxiety as well as how to mitigate stress and overuse. Finally, we will explore meditation to aid in preparation for relaxation after work.

*** You will need to bring your own mat***

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